The blog is here! A quick introduction and current server setup

Welcome to my blog! Here you will find my thoughts and experiences on all things tech. Linux, server administration, and Nix OS are the main focuses, but there’s bound to be other topics at some point.

Current server configuration

This server used to be an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS server. Nixos infect had something to say about that, and 15 seconds later Nix had replaced Ubuntu. One of the things I realised was that sudo wasn’t configured out of the box, so I fixed that with 2 or so lines of config. Once sudo was set up and I had my user configured, it was time to add and set up services. This server currently hosts the following servers:

Server updates

This server follows the 23.11 (stable) channel of Nix OS. In my configuration.nix, I have set the server to update automatically, as well as automatically garbage collect and optimise the nix store. That way I can leave the server for ages and it won’t be out of date. The server will reboot when there is a new kernel or kernel modules, making sure that the latest kernel security patches are loaded.

What’s coming next?

I plan to do an in depth view of both how my server configuration is structured, and also how I use Nix OS as a desktop running Plasma 6 on the unstable channel soon, along with more generalised Linux tips and tricks and other things I feel like posting here.